James Flowers

With my Dad being in the military during my younger years we moved and it seemed quite regularly before we moved back to his home town of Bristol and settled down. My 10th through 12 grade years were spent at Liberty County High School where I graduated from in 1976. After Graduation I did not want to leave the area for work so I worked at the local shipyard, landscaping, home building and remodeling. I then decided to pursue a career in Corrections.  I began my career as an officer and worked my way through the ranks retiring as an Assistant Warden which I retired from after over 25 years of service. I was initially elected as a Board Member in November 1999 and served for 8 years. After an 8-year layoff I was elected to 2 more terms. During the 12 years that I have served on the board we have upgraded our Hosford and Liberty County High School. Proud of these accomplishments, you bet I am! 

I have been married to Mary (Martin) Flowers for 43 years. She graduated from FSU and is the current High School Librarian. I also have 3 children April (and husband Jason), Bradley (and his wife Elisabeth) and Carrie.  All 3 graduated from Liberty County High School, after attending Bristol Elementary School, April and Carrie also graduated FSU, while Bradley took a vocational approach.

As we go through life we are defined by our actions and I am proud to say I have had some very positive mentors, friends, teachers and leaders that have taught me that it is important to listen and respect each other when attempting solve any issues that may arise. It does take a county to raise a child.

James E. Flowers 

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School Board Member, District I