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Folder Employee Forms (2 Files)
pdf file Travel Voucher Form 2014
pdf file W-4 Form
Folder Expenditures Per FTE Student (2 Files)
pdf file Expenditures for 2016-17
pdf file Expenditures for 2017-18
Folder Salary Schedules (8 Files)
pdf file 19-20 Salary Schedules
pdf file 18-19 Salary Schedule as of February 11 2019
pdf file 16-17 Salary Schedule as of Jan 10 2017
pdf file 16-17 Salary Schedule as of October 11 2016
pdf file 17-18 Salary Schedule July 31 2017
pdf file 16-17__Salary_Schedule_as_of_Sept_13_2016.pdf
pdf file 16-17__Salary_Schedule_as_of_July_14_2016.pdf
pdf file 15-16__Salary_Schedule_as_of_June_14_2016.pdf
Folder School Financial Reports (2 Files)
pdf file School Financial Report 2015-16
pdf file School Financial Report 2017-18
Folder Insurance (1 Files)
pdf file New Employee Insurance Packet 2018
Folder 2019-20 Budget Items (4 Files)
pdf file Budget Schedule 2019-2020
pdf file Budget Summary 2019-2020
pdf file Final Budget 2019-2020
pdf file Tentative Budget Summary 2019-2020
Folder 2018-19 Budget Items (4 Files)
pdf file Budget
pdf file Budget Amendments 2018-2019
pdf file Budget Schedule
pdf file Final Budget 2018-19
Folder 2017-18 Budget Items (2 Files)
pdf file Budget Schedule 2017-18
pdf file Budget Summary 7_26_2017
Folder 2016-17 Budget Items (3 Files)
pdf file Budget 2016-17
pdf file Budget Summary 2016-17
pdf file Schedule Budget for 7-25-16
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